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why is this making me cry??!
otp: it's complicted


The knight protecting her queen.

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it hurts
otp: it's complicated
And I banished every memory you and I had ever made… (x)


Swan Queen - Pilot

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You can’t say she doesn’t get to you

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“Yes, we know about Swan Queen, and I play up the subtext for the fans. But the producers are hesitant to go there. But hey, if you guys keep making noise, who knows what will happen?” Lana Parrilla

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swan queen forever!!!
gay parent trap


“Miss Swan- Emma… This is hard for me to say. I… I love you, and I need for you to come home where you belong.”

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dying of cuteness
otp: gay parent trap


Henry lives in a large house with a big apple tree in the back yard and lots of gnome statues in the garden.

Henry’s favourite number is two.  He has two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, and two feet.  

He also has two mommies.  Mama Regina,

And Mama Emma.

On weekends, Henry and his two mommies spend lots of time together.  On sunny days, they go to the park.

On rainy days, they stay inside and bake cookies.

Henry doesn’t have a daddy.  

He’d never thought about it before.  Did everyone except Henry have a daddy?

Emma gives Henry a hug.

“Not everyone has a daddy,” Regina says.  ”You have two mommies.”

“That’s pretty special.”


Do you remember?


Do you remember?

a monster and a saviour!

a monster and a saviour!